Do you have a question for our Home Stylist?

Are you preparing your home for sale or would you like to improve a room in the home you are living in now?

Ask our Home Stylist any question and we’ll get back to you with a response.  Post your questions on our Instagram or Facebook page or send it to   While many of our team have qualifications and training specially in Interior Design, my focus are the affordable, cosmetic DIY improvements that as a Home Stylist I always recommending to my clients who are preparing a home for sale.

Every day I am asked home styling questions like:

What should I do with this kitchen?

Does it matter that there is no robe in this bedroom?

Should I style this room as a bedroom or a living room?

Is there anything I can do about these old tiles?

This old Air Conditioner is an eyesore – do I take it out or leave it there?

Can I do anything about this old screen door?

Is Mission Brown ever going to come back ‘in’?

Should I recarpet or polish the floorboards?

What is a good option for a flat packed kitchen?

However the most significant and frequent question I am asked is:  With a limited budget what should I do to prepare my home for sale?

Whilst my answer is almost always property styling, there are critical home improvements, cleaning, landscaping and repair jobs I am constantly suggesting to my clients.

In my experience as a Home Stylist there are common and easily DIYed fixes and improvements that can be made which have a reliable return on investment.  Over the coming weeks we will be building our library of DIY videos, tips and hints on how to improve your home irrespective of whether you are styling to sell or styling it to stay.  If you would like the advice of an experienced Home Stylist hit us up with your questions anytime.

As Home Stylist’s, we love to help.

Personally my passion for helping women learn to independently tackle home repairs and improvements has really helped.  I love being able to show and teach other women, in particular, how to do things like paint anything!

I have refurbished screen doors, window frames, hung my own curtains, painted fences, changed over light shades and so much more.  Not only do these maintenance related activities save money in the long run these small cosmetic improvements can ensure you keep your available home styling budget for the bits you can’t DIY, maximising the outcome!

So if you have a question, or want advice,  just ask this Home Stylist for help today.

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