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Sort, Fix, Stage and Sell

Interior design and home staging for everyone.

Using a Home Stager or Interior Designer has been considered a nice but, not affordable, luxury.

Everyday home owners have put their home up for sale, without sorting, fixing or staging it.  They’ve hoped for the best and taken what they could. Home owners have often deferred or never started the renovations they wanted to create a home they love. More pressing expenses, like the mortgage, had to be prioritised!

Jim’s Interiors is changing all of that.

At first glance, Jim -the mowing man with the hat and beard- is not the obvious choice for interior design, but stick with us.  Jim’s is recognised by over 94% of the Australian population for a reason.  We are in and out of homes every day. Fixing and servicing them, whether its your lawns, washing your dog or fixing your antenna and much much more.

We are big, very big.  We create economies of scale and pass them onto you.

We’re also bringing Lay-by to the home staging, interior design and home storage industry, for the first time.  Layby? Yep.  

For most of our services its just a 10% deposit, then you choose your repayments. There’s no interest and you can pay it out whenever you want with no penalty.

Jim’s Interior Design
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