Depersonalise your home.

Can You Take ‘You’ Out of Your Home?

It’s one of the most difficult and also critical things to do to prepare your home for sale. So – just for the sale period – you need to pack away things that might create a barrier for the potential buyer as they try to imagine themselves living there.

Target these areas to remove personal items:
  • Personal or family photos
  • Collections of anything
  • Sports memorabilia and trophies
  • Awards and certificates
  • Personal paperwork and documents
  • Personal bathroom items

These items and any furniture that doesn’t support the staging of your home, need to go somewhere.

Property Styling Melbourne Property Stylists have a great deal with a mobile storage provider who will drop a box off at your place and then securely store it for the duration of the sale period.

If you aren’t using a mobile storage provider consider using a commercial storage unit or maybe boxing things up and leaving them in a friend or family member’s garage for a few weeks.

Importantly don’t stash them in the home’s own cupboards and garages, this will only diminish the impact of storing them away in the first place.

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