There are three key steps we take our property styling clients through – in particular repairs before sale, home improvements and detailed cleaning of your home.


Buyer objections are everywhere and only repairs before sale will overcome them. They are the loose door handle, creaking floor boards and dated electrical outlets that put seeds of doubt into the mind of the buyer.

Is that a creaky floorboard or a $10,000 restumping job? Is there no safety switch? Have the electricals ever been updated? If they haven’t maintained the door handles, what else hasn’t been maintained?

These are all the cautionary voices that run through the mind of a buyer. So, for the sake of a handyman for a few hours or a day, particularly when you can layby all of it in a Property Styling Melbourne’s Property Styling package, it’s one of the best investments you can make when preparing your home for sale.


There are some improvements that are known to have a strong, predictable return on investment.

Pick the ones that are quick and cosmetic and you’ll be able to put dollars in your pocket when your home gets to market.

Along with Property Styling the most reliable, quick, cosmetic improvements you can make are:

  • Painting – internal and external
  • Flooring – replacing carpets, polishing floorboards
  • Improvements to the Kerb Appeal – painting fences, fixing up driveways and carports, improving garden beds and external lighting
  • Kitchen Update – Change over plumbing fittings, paint cabinetry, upgrade benchtops and maybe appliances
  • Bathroom Update – Change over plumbing fittings, deal with dated cabinetry and paint the tiles
  • Changeover Fixtures – update lights and other electrical fittings as well as door furniture for instant affordable impact
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When was the last time you gave your home a bath?  This may be even easier than sorting out the repairs before sale!

The hero of this one is the humble pressure washer although if you suspect you have Asbestos around the home you do need to be very careful.

Tackle the house exterior, steps, decks, driveways and carports with a high pressure wash.

Then – if it were me – I’d get a professional in to do all the windows including the tracks and fly screens. Otherwise it’s a good job for a sunny afternoon.

Get carpets and, if your tiling has seen better days, your tiles professionally cleaned.

The only other major one you may want to tackle is your roof and gutters.

If you’re gutters aren’t clean and clear it can be a signal for suspicion. If your roof has seen better days, even if you don’t reseal it, simply cleaning it can help.

Although again if you are unfortunate enough to have an Asbestos roof don’t use a pressure washer, scrub or potentially disturb it in any way at all!

Simply taking the time or investing a little to get your home professionally cleaned can give it a new lease of life and remove a whole heap of buyer objections.

You can also claim a free consultation with a member of our Property Styling Melbourne Team.

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