How to Select and Compare Real Estate Agents

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After completing your property market research, the next step in preparing to sell your home is to meet with some agents and invite them to do an appraisal on your property for free.

Where to find Real Estate Agents

There are a lot of websites out there aggregating or acting as a directory for real estate agents and agencies.  However these can be pretty predatory particularly when they are publishing commissions amounts and fees.  They also won’t be a comprehensive listing.

I like to search current listings on to see who is listing a lot of properties (there is usually a reason for it).  You can also check recent sales results in your area, review these results to find the agents that are a) consistently closing sales and b) getting strong sales results.

A casual stroll down your local main street or the virtual equivalent – a google search – will also help you build a short list of Agents.

Ultimately word of mouth is still, often, the best way to source a good local agent.  Ask your friends and family for referrals.

Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent

Keep in mind the Agent suggesting the highest achievable price for your property is not necessarily the best one.

Armed with your own Property Valuation and Research, the heat and pressure is taken out of an Appraisal, because you already have a clear understanding of what your property is worth.

You can focus on what’s likely to matter more such as:

  • How well they communicate with you and keep you informed
  • The value of their property marketing package
  • Their understanding of and presence in the local market

You can and should ask for the details of the last three people they sold a home for and maybe a couple of people whose properties they are currently marketing.

Grab a cuppa and make some calls. Ask about their experience and outcome and it will help you make a great decision.

Consider the alternatives to a traditional Real Estate Agent

If you are a confident communicator and well organised, consider selling your home yourself.  For this I’d recommend  They provide a mentor and all the same marketing materials and listings an agent would provide but you keep control of the process and get involved directly with potential buyers.

I sold an investment apartment through Hello a couple of years back and now am more involved with Hello so this is a personal recommendation.  Although I don’t get any kickbacks – darn it – yet.  It’s not for everyone, but do yourself a favour and check it out.

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