Jim’s Interiors is now offering a Property Styling affiliate referral program.

We reward and thank the valuable people, organisations and businesses that refer work to us.

Word of mouth is still the most important marketing we can do and we want to support and reward you for it. We are seeking Real Estate Agents, Vendors Advocates, Property Professionals and the like, to join our Affiliate Referral Program.   You can join the program to be rewarded for referring your valued clients to us and we will do everything we can to support them and you to achieve a fast and rewarding property sale or renovation.

We work in partnership with the Real Estate Agent or Vendor Advocate’s strategy to help the homeowner to:

  • Sort their home by decluttering and moving to storage anything that may detract from the potential sale price
  • Identify and package up Jim’s services to repair, maintain, clean and improve the home
  • Attend the home to complete professional and comprehensive home staging and styling

Then its over to the agent to sell the property!

We’re also bringing LayBy back. Home owners only pay 10% upfront and then make at least monthly, affordable, repayments with no interest.  We encourage them to pay out the balance at settlement.

As a property professional you’d be aware that Home Staging helps home owners sell for the maximum price possible by removing buyer objections and presenting the property in an ideal manner.

Property investors are also taking advantage of this offer as it is keeping all important funding in their pocket for as long as possible and making the process of renovating for profit that little bit easier.

Here is how our Affiliate Referral Program works.

  • Help promote the services of Jim’s Interiors
    Upload to your website, blog or even your email signature (anywhere online) these nifty logos, banners and links. They are available anytime in the Affiliate Centre and, if that’s too technically challenging, we can help.
    We’ll soon send you some promotional materials that may help too.
  • We’ll track your lead
    When your client clicks on the web images, logos or banners and lands on our website, we’ll track that and attribute that customer to you.  Yup, kinda creepy but completely legit.
    We can go ‘old school’ with your referrals too, we just have to work a little harder to attribute the client to you.  If you prefer ‘old school’ referral please call or email to let us know and we’ll attribute that client to you in your Affiliate Centre.

Call      131 546
Email   hello@jimsinteriordesign.com.au

  • Check out the action
    You can log into our Affiliate Centre at any time and see how many leads you’ve sent our way, which ones have converted to sales and how much commission you’ve earned.
    If you ticked yes in your settings you’ll even get an automated notification when a new lead or sales comes in.
  • Get paid!
    You’ll be paid your commissions at least monthly and sent a remittance advice. You need to tell me where you want us to send your payments, so hit us up with those details too. You may value the gratitude and hugs more than the actual payment and if that’s the case just let us know.  We can send your affiliate fee onto a registered charity on your behalf.
  • So – how much?
    We’ll pay a commission of 3% of the sale inc gst.
    A Home Staging sale is usually around $4,000 on average so that’s $120 per sale.
    If your client goes onto package up some other Jim’s services; maybe a fresh coat of paint, some cleaning and repairs, as they prepare their home for sale, that could easily become a $8,000 job and more like $240 in commission.
    We’ll also offer some bonuses so keep an eye out for those promotions.
  • What next?
    Over the next few weeks we’ll keep in touch to make sure you’ve got a handle on the set up and support you to implement this Affiliate Marketing.
    If you have any questions or hit any roadblocks just reply to this email or call me on 131 546.
  • Don’t forget:
    Send me the bsb and account number or paypal account details you want to receive payments to!

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