Property Styling Camberwell

Property Styling Camberwell, Melbourne:

In this property styling project, the transformational impact of the investment into property styling was evident.  In a small group of four units this unusually large villa unit with well sized grounds was styled in September 2017 to aid with the marketing of the home.  Using light neutral tones we were able to integrate with the otherwise very classical features of the unit to help people envision their own young family or first home in the leafy suburb of Camberwell.

Contemporary pieces also helped to temper some of the more traditional property features, reducing their impact and potential to date the property.

Before Property Styling Camberwell

Tim Heavyside of Fletcher’s in Canterbury  were responsible for the successful marketing campaign promoting the sale of this villa.  Tim and his team achieved an over suburb average for the three bedroom villa unit.

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Before Property Styling Camberwell
Before Property Styling Camberwell

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