Preparing your home for sale is often really stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here is our quick guide on what to do to make the most of your home sale and save your sanity in the process.

Starting out, you have to somehow see your home as potential buyers will, not as the place you raised your children or the home you renovated with blood, sweat and tears.

View your home objectively

You need to clearly identify the buyer objections, the repairs and maintenance, you’ve been putting off or that feature wall which may not appeal to the masses. You need to set aside the value your possessions hold for you.

This is the main reason that a Home Stager or Property Stylist makes such a dramatic difference to the sale of a home.  They can view it independent of the love and history the homeowner feels for the property.

I will come to your home, complete an internal and external walk through, take photos and measurements to support this objective assessment. If you are DIYing your home staging, you can ask a friend or colleague for objective feedback as well (just promise not to bite their head off if they don’t share your interior decorating tastes).

Consult your professionals

As a property stylist I consider the selling environment, consult with your estate agent about your strategy and target market and then make recommendations about the repairs, improvements, styling and staging that will best position you to make the most money and achieve a quick sale.

We’ll summarise this information in a report for you to choose like a checklist. The report lists strategies and you can then choose what you want to DIY and those jobs you’d prefer a tradie to do for you.

Repairs and Cosmetic Renovations

Importantly we also have our finger on the pulse of the quick cosmetic improvements most likely to generate a strong return on investment. Where possible and if requested, we can include or organise quotations for the works from across our trade crew contacts.

If you don’t go on to use our home staging services, the report does have a cost but if you do go on to use our Home Staging and Trade Crew Services, there is no charge.

Finding the Funds for Repairs, Renovations and Staging With Jim’s you can also elect to Layby almost everything so the cost of repairs, improvements and styling is mostly deferred until after your sale.

Many property investors do this as it makes sense to keep as much cash in your pockets or high interest earning accounts for the longest time.

It’s also hard to find a quick $3-5k for the repairs and staging you’d like to do to increase your return on investment.

Once you’ve finished this planning and preparation it’s time to get into the business of staging your home for sale.

Keen to learn more? Download a copy of our free E-Book, The Jim’s Guide to Selling Your Home For More.

Our E-Book provides a step by step guide through the planning and preparation stages involved in selling your home.


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