What is a home stylist?

A home stylist has an eye for making the most of showcasing a property’s selling points and bringing them to life.

Furniture, homewares and accessories are individually chosen for a particular home and fashioned for a particular purpose – to drop hints, to get inside a prospective buyer’s mind and to tell them a story.

The experts at Jim’s Interior Design will professionally style your home in preparation for a swift sale and a top dollar price.

What are the benefits of using a home stylist?

  • Online presence. Styled houses are not only more appealing in real life, they also photograph much better. Real Estate has a very strong online presence and good looking professional photographs stand you in very good stead in this highly competitive market.
  • Boost your sale price. The biggest benefit in using a property stylist is that property styling can add a substantial boost to the value of your home. Australian studies by the Institute of Home Staging have reported that property styling can add 7 – 17% to your property sale price.
  • Attract more bidders. Well styled properties sell faster and attract more bidders at auction. The home stands out when compared to similar properties and looks really impressive online and in printed marketing and promotional materials.
Home Staging Keilor East Home Staging Keilor East

Home Styling consultation

A complimentary consultation with Jim’s Interior Design is a really great place to start if you are considering listing your home for sale.

A home stylist from Jim’s Interior Design will give you advice on who your target market might be and walk through your house room by room, noting items of action.

Jim’s Interior Design provide packages that include repairs and improvements, expertly styled designer furniture and accessories to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Home Staging Keilor East

Home Staging

* Data has been gathered using local and international studies on the Home Staging Industry by the Institute of Home Staging.  

What packages do Jim’s Interior Design offer?

Jim’s Interior Design have cleverly curated three themes to offer home owners preparing to sell their home and for home styling purposes.

These three themes and overlays have been put together by leading Melbourne interior stylists, drawing on current trends and popular fashion, but also utilizing classic foundations, broad market and long lasting appeal.

Looking to sell your home for more?

Don’t hesitate, talk to the experts at Jim’s Interior Design on 131 546 now.

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