What is house staging?

Are you preparing to sell your home?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by what you see around you?

Do you want to get the absolute best price for your biggest life investment?

The aim of house staging (home staging, property styling) is to present a property for sale in the best possible light, making the most of the properties features and appealing to as many people as possible – creating a ‘lifestyle’ image that people desire.

House staging can add between 7 – 17% to your property sale and with Jim’s Interior Design, you can style now… and pay later – when the money is in the bank.

Home Staging

* Data has been gathered using local and international studies on the Home Staging Industry by the Institute of Home Staging.  

What is the process of house staging?

Jim’s Interior Design will come out to your house for a complimentary consultation.

The team will walk through your home, room by room and formulate an action plan, together with suggestions on colour palettes, interior themes and trend overlays.

You will discuss –

  • The property’s target market. For example, a young family may walk into the property and you want to capture the emotions of the children, as well as the parents.
  • Features to be accented and alternately, areas that may want to be masked slightly
  • Whether it will be a full house stage or partial stage. You may only choose to have one or two main rooms done, or perhaps you’d like to keep some personal pieces on display to add a more eclectic look and feel to the property.
  • How to improve the flow of the property. Once people are at the door there needs to be a clutter free, easy flow around the house.
  • How long the sales campaign will go for and pricing options on offer

What are the benefits of house staging?

Aside from the major benefits – adding more to the sales price, appealing to a larger market, creating competition and aiming for a swift sale, other benefits include –

  • Creating space. You cannot trust potential buyers to be able to visualize a room the same way that you can. If a queen bed fits nicely in what looks to be a poky second bedroom – put it in and style it beautifully – a mega value add.
  • Colour has a big impact on us and our visual and emotional response. Let the team advise on the best way to elicit a positive response from potential buyers.

Want more info on staging your house for sale?

Don’t hesitate to call the team at Jim’s Interior Design on 131 546 or click here to request a call back.

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