What is a property stylist?

A property stylist is trained in interior design but has a flair for real estate and for making a property live up to its full potential and appeal to a broad market.

Buying a home is an emotional and aspirational task. Property stylists harness that emotion by creating a blank space that potential buyers fall in love with.

Traditionally, the basics of presenting your home for sale are to clean, tidy, neaten the garden, complete small maintenance jobs internally and to get rid of any funny odours.

A property stylist goes that much further. A property stylist will fill your home with quality furnishings such as cushions, art, books, plants, lighting or furniture pieces that will make the very most of what the property has to offer and help your property reach its optimum selling price on auction day.

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A property stylist is an expert in

  • Making the function of each room in a home very clear. In large or small spaces, a stylist can demonstrate how furniture can positioned to make the most of what is on offer.
  • Masking unattractive rooms,
  • Taking unusual nooks and crannies and using creative styling to display the best possible function of a space
  • Creating beautiful spaces through the use of complimentary colours, textures and interior accents


What do Jim’s Interior Design offer?

Jim’s Interior Design offer three interior design packages, put together by property stylists to showcase a suite of property styles and audiences.

  1. Mod Oz is a modern take on furniture and furnishings. It appeals to family buyers and is open, light and welcoming in its presentation.
  2. Nordic Coastal is a fusion of current Scandinavian and Hampton design trends – natural and highly textural it suits a more sophisticated, fashion forward palette.
  3. Global luxe is all about understated elegance, a bit moody, a touch of the eclectic.

Read more about Jim’s Interior Design’s interiors packages – Mod Oz, Nordic Coastal and Global Luxe.

Jim’s Interior Design also offer a layby option so you can concentrate on saving your money for any other jobs you need to do to get your property ready to go to market.

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Home Staging

* Data has been gathered using local and international studies on the Home Staging Industry by the Institute of Home Staging.  

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