Garage Storage Ideas

Jim’s garage storage solutions will help you get control over this hotly contested space in the home.  We’ll help you organise the garage and then supply and install wall, ceiling and floor mounted garage storage options to keep everything in its place.

Outdoor Storage Ideas

If you have bikes, kids outdoor toys, pool equipment, tools and materials stored around and under the house we’ve got some outdoor storage solutions that help make the most of the space.  We can supply DIY or Done For You solutions that will increase the storage space, improve safety and the value of your home.

Indoor Storage Ideas

The Laundry, Study, Pantry, Linen Cupboards and Wardrobes of the home often hide chaos and clutter behind their closed doors.  Jim’s Indoor Storage Solutions will make the most of these spaces so that you see and easily access everything you need.

Attic Storage Solutions

Your storage solution is right above your head.  Make the most of this ‘dead’ space by installing a simple attic ladder or consider a full attic conversion to add value to your home.  Jim’s Attic Storage Solutions will match you with the best solution for your home.

In-Wall Storage Solutions

Hiding in the cavity of your walls is the untapped storage that could change your life.  Ideal for areas like bathrooms, laundries and pantries these in wall cavity storage solutions fit neatly in between the structural studs (timbers) of your walls.

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