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Styling property for sale is more than aesthetics, its all about the economics.  It’s also increasingly common.

In a recent study of listings on it was identified that as many as 40% of reviewed properties were professionally styled.   This is most likely attributed to the fact that styling property for sale is going to:

  • Attract more attention among online listings
  • Get more people to Open for Inspections
  • Retain people in the home whilst open for inspection longer
  • Create a greater level of emotional engagement with buyers

All of these benefits of styling property for sale will in the end translate to:

  • Improved chances of selling on or before auction or by the end of sale by set date campaigns (your clearance rate)
  • Improve the achieved sale price

As property stylist’s we of course love to spend time in and amongst our beautiful furniture and furnishings, but this is only part of the story of styling property for sale.

We Keep Statistics on Styling Property for Sale

Arguably it’s the ability to have our heads and hands around the facts and figures that matter when styling property for sale.  We track the statistics on every single property styling job we do.  It’s an arduous task and I can hear my staff groaning from here but we track all sorts of key data because we know that it’s important to proving the value of styling property for sale.

Key statistics we track include:

  • Days staged
  • Campaign duration
  • Amount invested in styling and other improvements / services
  • Advertised sale price or range
  • Final sale price or range

We then compare this with suburb averages for comparable property.  This assists us to not only understand the broader market of Melbourne but aids us in understanding trends in the real estate market as well as being to able to provide clients with real life examples of how styling property for sale has helped a neighbour or someone in their local area.  These case studies profiled in some of our Portfolio’s evidence our client’s outcomes.

While styling property for sale has generated some amazing suburb records and life changing outcomes for our vendors, the outcome isn’t guaranteed.  Because we do track the stats on every job we can identify when there are unique property characteristics that even property styling can’t overcome.  We have seen property with difficult development covenants, land sizes and locations, unapproved building permits and unrealistic price expectations all fail to sell or fail to sell for the price the vendor was seeking.  Thankfully our statistics show these occurrences amongst property we have styled to be rare.

If you would like to know more about the statistics on Styling Property for Sale in your local suburb just let us know.  Email me at or call 9108 5700.

Here is a link to an article by Domain on the how to’s of styling property for sale.

The Guide is supported by Property Styling Melbourne which now offers professional property styling services.  Importantly we are making property styling available to everyone with LayBy.  Just a 10% deposit, no interest ever and the ability to pay it out in full whenever you want means you can package up professional advice and trades to help you sort, fix and stage your home.

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If you know of anyone passionate about property, renovating and interior design we are quickly expanding nationally and are offering franchises as well as just one Regional Management opportunity in each state.

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