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Tip – Property Research to help you sell your home confidently

Tips from Melbourne’s Expert Property Stylists – Property Research will Help you Sell your Home with Confidence.

There are a couple of paths to go down here. When you aren’t relying on Agents, your Neighbour, your

Father in Law or someone from work to tell you what your property is worth, believe me you’ll sleep better

at night.

Professional Property Valuation

If you are time poor and can afford the upfront cost of around $900-$1,200 get your own property valuation. Yep, property valuations are not just for bankers. You can either get a desktop valuation which would suffice or a full valuation which includes a site visit. The beauty of your own valuation is that they will do the research for you and they will consider recent, relevant sales data in your area and then overlay a other variables to come up with a valuation of your home.

Property Data Services

Alternatively, look up a reputable provider of Real Estate Data; I suggest subscribing for just 1-3 months to

Core Logic for example. You’ll get live, current access to sales results without scrolling through auction results on a Sunday morning. You’ll also get access to the back history of property sales in your area and information about which agents sold what properties.

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