The Jim’s  Sort |Fix | Stage | Sell  Home Staging Model

Home Staging is now affordable and accessible for everyone.  The Jim’s Home Staging Model means that you can sort, fix, stage and sell your home for more all while deferring the upfront cost using lay-by.

Staging your home, deliberately preparing it for sale, is the best investment you can make to ensure the highest return on investment.  Staged homes sell for 7 – 17% more on average than un-staged homes.  So if you can defer the upfront cost of staging your home, you’d be mad not to!


How does it work?

Your Jim’s Interiors consultant will come to your home and during a one hour consultation help you identify what you need to sort and fix as well as how best to stage your home using our strategically developed home staging themes.  We’ll also consult with your Real Estate Agent and refer to our current database of property market information to ensure our staging recommendations suit the property market in your area.


Home Staging Report & Quotation

You’ll then receive a Home Staging Report.  Have a read and then implement the recommendations yourself, or engage us to do some or all of the work for you.


DIY or Done For You?

When you engage Jim’s Interiors to do the work for you we can package and Lay-By all of the required services whether that’s just home staging or everything from repairs, improvements and even the cleaning required to best prepare your home for Open for Inspections.


Full Stage or Just a Style Over?

Your home may be vacant and unoccupied during the staging, perhaps if you have already moved onto your next home or its an investment property between tenants. More often than not, you will still be living in the home while selling it.  This is where the Jim’s Interiors team excels.  We can advise you on which pieces to leave in place and we can supplement with our own designer furniture and furnishings.

Maybe almost all of your home furnishings can be used and you only need our Style Over Package.  Our Style Over Package brings in fresh designer linens, soft furnishings, cushions, throws, artworks, mirrors and the refreshing array of house plants we offer to top off our home staging.


Which Home Staging Theme?

Our Home Staging Themes are deliberately designed to catch the eye, heart and head of your target buyer at the same time as appealing to as many buyers as possible.  Developed by Chris Carroll of The Life Creative, these themes have been carefully crafted to appeal to first home buyers, investors, family home buyers and even a specific theme for down-sizers.


Who is your Target Buyer?

If you are targeting a family buyer you’re estate agent will love our family ‘overlay’ featuring beautiful children’s room or nursery designs.  If you feel an buyer from Asia will be a likely target for your real estate campaign, our respectfully cultured ‘overlay’ will ensure the design aesthetics are sympathetic and any possible cultural buying objections are addressed.


Need more information?

Check out our Home Staging Themes below and then call 131 546 to book your obligation free consultation.

Mod Oz

Mod Oz references the contemporary revivial of Modern era furniture and furnishings.  In an open and quintessentially Australian way, this Home Staging theme is light, full of poppy colours and in testing has appealed to the broadest range of home buyers, particularly families.

The Mod Oz theme is

  • contemporary
  • crisp and clean
  • full of colourful accents
  • fresh and youthful
  • airy and bright
  • approachable and fun

Mod Oz features

  • White on white
  • Bright blues and turquoise
  • Pops of pink and coral

In Mod Oz you will find materials like:

  • Blonde timbers
  • Mid toned oaks
  • Coloured steel
  • Chunky woven rugs
  • Pottery and glossy ceramics
  • Soft linens

Global Luxe

Global Luxe in research has proven attractive to more mature buyers and higher price bracket properties.  Its a mature and classical style that transcends cultures and fits beautifully our Asian Cultural overlay.   It also works well when the prospective buyer is likely to be a man.

The Global Luxe theme is:

  • Monochromatic palette
  • Understated elegance
  • Graphical
  • Textural
  • Eclectic, tribally influenced and worldly
  • Considered and refined

The colour palette of Global Luxe features:

  • Black and whites
  • Creams and beiges
  • Mid to dark greys
  • Hints of petrol blue
  • Pops of luscious green house plants

Materials found in the Global Luxe theme include:

  • Darker wood tones
  • Brass and Bronze
  • Leather
  • Marble and Stone
  • Tinted Glass
  • Matte Ceramics
  • Grass Cloth

Nordic Coastal

Noridic Coastal will appeal to anyone who loves Scandinavian interiors and those seeking a touch of Hamptons Coastal elegance.  Nordic Coast has a wide appeal especially to younger first home buyers, stylish inner urban buyers and families with older children!

Nordic Coastal is:

  • Subdued in colour
  • Comfortable and casual
  • Highly textural
  • Easy and breezy

The colour palette for Nordic Coastal features:

  • White on white
  • Creams and beiges
  • Soft to mid greys
  • Chocolate browns
  • Dusty blues and pints
  • Hints of lavender

Materials used in the Nordic Coastal theme include:

  • Blonde and white timbers
  • Distressed timber finishes
  • Faux fur and hide
  • Wicker and rattan
  • Flax linens and wool
  • Gloss and matte ceramics