Property Styling

Property Styling is about preparing your home for sale, to sell it faster and for the best possible price.

It includes a property stylist’s advice, packages that include repairs and improvements and of course, expertly styled designer furniture and accessories to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Our Consultants will come to your home and work with you and your Real Estate Agent to present it in the best possible light using our unique model. Sort | Fix | Stage | Sell

We’ll help you sort out what to keep, store or discard. Then we can identify what maintenance and improvements would help you get the best return on investment and remove buyer objections.  We’ll even organise the Property Styling Melbourne guys to quote and do the work for you. When they are done our consultants bring in a strategically selected package of furniture, art work, linens, soft furnishing and house plants to bring your home alive with the lifestyle of your ideal buyer.

PS – You can Lay-By it all. No interest ever and just pay the lot out when you sell and settle your home.

Interior Design

Property Styling Melbourne now offers affordable and accessible interior design packages, with Lay-by.  Choose the interior design theme and what level of finish or expense you wish to go to and we can provide a customised interior design solution for your home or investment property.

We package this with the services of the Property Styling Melbourne Group to makeover your home and you get access to great discounts on fixtures, fittings, furniture and accessories.

Renovation Management

Whether you are getting ready to sell your property or want to renovate the home you are living in, we know that just a few cosmetic renovations can dramatically improve the sales result and how you feel about your home.

Property Styling Melbourne Interiors provides renovation coordination services to support and assist property investors and home owners.  We can also easily connect you with a third party provider to layby these home improvements.