Per Consultation

Our written report allows you to plan and prioritise your renovation.  Use our report to ensure you focus your effort and energy where it will deliver a reliable return on investment.

We will spend up to an hour on site at your property and then additional time documenting our recommendations into a a prioritised plan of renovation action for your property.  You can then choose to DIY the lot or we can provide further assistance to get quotes from reliable trades, right through to managing it all for you.




Per Hour

We provide project coordination on an hourly rate basis and can reliably estimate the amount of time each project will take to deliver.

We can provide all or just some of the services you need or simply jump in to provide hands on support if your project falls behind or you can’t be onsite yourself.  So if you are struggling with a renovation of your own home or an investment property, get the help you need to coordinate your renovation and get it finished.



Choose your preferred Interior Design style then download its Renovation Style Guide.

These Renovation Style Guides help you to make quick, decisive choices throughout your renovation.  They include interior and exterior colour schemes, building materials, fittings, fixtures and much more.  All of the specified items have been selected to coordinate, ensuring your renovation appears seamless and stylish, with options for every budget.

It’s like having an Interior Designer in your back pocket.


Does your home or investment property need a makeover before you put it on the market for sale?

Are you putting off renovations because you don’t have the time or money?

Simply don’t know where to start?

Then Property Styling Melbourne’s Renovation Coordination Services are for you.

Whether you are getting ready to sell your property or want to renovate the home you are living in, we know that just a few cosmetic renovations can dramatically improve the sales result and how you feel about your home.

However, few of us have the time to do it quickly and profitably.  Even fewer of us have the cash lying around to make it all happen at once, avoiding a drawn out and problematic renovation.

Property Styling Melbourne provides renovation coordination services to support and assist property investors and home owners.  Critically, we easily connect you with a third party provider to layby these home improvements ensuring you can get started with just a 10% deposit.

Maybe it’s just basic maintenance, cleaning and landscaping?

Do you need painting, new flooring, carpets and blinds?

Use our expertise and get access wholesale providers and our network of reliable and insured tradies to save both time and money.

  • No more waiting around for tradies that don’t turn up.
  • No more hassling them to even get a quote back!
  • Not sure which trade to schedule first or what colour paint to choose? We have it covered.

Property Styling Melbourne’s Coordination Services are based on the Renovating for Profit Model

As a graduate of Cherie Barber’s Renovating for Profit program we can professionally:

  • Scope and prioritise the works required
  • Advise or select colour schemes, fixtures and fittings
  • Arrange multiple quotations from only licensed, professional trades
  • Prepare a project management plan and works schedule
  • Assist you to choose, appoint and manage your trades
  • Coordination and onsite, day to day supervision of the project
  • Provide quality control and contractor payment approvals
  • Recommend a Registered Builder (or other licensed trade) where works exceed legislated thresholds
  • Professionally style the property for Open for Inspections and Photography (if needed)




This property was purchased by two couples as part of a buy and hold strategy in the Frankston area.  The home was unrenovated and in poor original condition with significant problems caused by rising damp and extensive, active termite damage.

The plan was to:

  • Treat the termites and prevent rising damp
  • Repair termite damage
  • Make safe asbestos in the property
  • Change the floorplan to open plan living
  • Install a new kitchen and pantry / euro laundry
  • Upgrade the bathroom
  • Make cosmetic improvements


The renovation occurred over just a few weeks.

Almost all internal walls were non-structural so opening up the living space to be open plan was easier than expected.  However more extensive termite damage was discovered necessitating some additional unplanned structural repairs that couldn’t have been foreseen, even with a building inspection.

A tenant was secured prior to advertising the property for rent at the full rental asking price.  A three year agreement was struck which included pre-agreed annual increases and options for extension.

The property was recently revalued and had an updated market estimate.  Within a 24month period had increased in value from $270,000 to $520,000 or 92%.

Given Frankston as a location appreciated by 8% per annum $83,200 of this increase is attributable to the general rise in property prices.  That leaves the remaining 76.5% percent or $166,800 can be directly attributed to the renovation itself.  That’s a return of $4 for every $1 spent on renovation costs.

Table of Key Data

Acquisition Price


Renovation Budget


New Valuation




Rental Return

  • The property was immediately tenanted with a 3 year government contract that included mandatory, pre-planned rental increases and an extension option
  • The property is positively geared with rental income covering repayments and outgoings