What is Style Now Pay Later?

It’s as simple as it sounds – we complete any property styling for you today, and you pay us later – this is particularly beneficial when you are selling your property and will have an influx of cash after the sale is made.

Property Styling Melbourne uses a reputable partner to offer interest free layby with just 10% deposit required.   The Style Now, Pay Later program is available on most of our services (with the exception of Style Over Packages.)

What Are The Benefits?

Layby is great because if you were tossing up between doing a few repairs and maybe some painting vs property styling, the good news is you can get it all done without crippling your short term cashflow, especially when you have all of that Real Estate Agency Marketing to pay for!

No interest ever

$1,500 – $15,000

Repayments 6  to 36 months

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Repayments

Pay it out at anytime – no penalty




Review our quote

Let us know if you want to use Style Now, Pay Later, we’ll update your quote to show you what it will cost

You can apply for pre-approval or submit information via a form

Applications are submitted, considered and approved usually within a few minutes

Pay the 10% or if you wish, the 20% deposit before your Property Styling or other service starts

You’ll then receive a confirmation email with all the details about the rest of your repayments including links to an App you can use

Once your job is done a small regular payment will be deducted from your account or credit card until you pay it out



To be approved you need to be:


Be Over 18 years old

Provide us with a recognised form of identification (like a drivers license or passport)

Be currently employed at least 30 hours a week (except in the case of retirees)

Put down a 10% deposit (you can put down 20% if you prefer)

The person on the application form must be the same person paying the deposit and making repayments



It’s not a finance application, there’s no invasive checks, and it won’t mess with your credit history if you are applying for home loans

There is a $35 surcharge from the layby provider to set it up and a fee that we pass onto you, but you do get to keep the rest of your funds in your own account for longer!

Allows you to do those extra things like repairs and improvements that will get you the best return on your home sale or so that you don’t have to defer your home improvements and interior design forever

Investors and developers can defer the expense

Approx 96% of all applications are approved within one business day

You can pay it out at any time, we recommend when you settle the sale of your home

You choose the repayment frequency, weekly, monthly or fortnightly

The Finer Details:

There is always fine print.  So you should always read the terms in full before agreeing to anything.  Essentially to offer this service we have to pay our provider a fee, this fee and the other fees outlined below will add to the total cost of your service.

A summary of some of the important details are below:

    • There is a commission fee that will be added to your invoice, this is on a sliding scale depending on the total cost of the project, the duration you want to set up the layby for and how much of a deposit you make.  We’ll let you know what it will cost you in a revised quote.
    • There is also a $80.00 once off account set up fee
    • There is a $2.50 per payment processing fee (so it costs more if you do more frequent payments)
    • Monthly account fee of $3.50
    • Credit card repayments attract a 1.5% surcharge
    • If you make a late payment there is a $15.00 fee
    • If you have to change your details it costs $15.00 fee
    • If they have to debt collect you it costs a $30.00 fee
  • Style Now, Pay Later will cost you a bit more overall, compared to paying upfront

You can also always pay by credit card, cash, eft transfer or cheque (we’re not fussy!).  If you would like to know more about layby contact your consultant today.