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Using a Property Stylist to help you prepare a property for sale would have been seen as a luxury in the past.    However, in the Melbourne Property Market, an experienced and reliable property stylist is worth tens of thousands of dollars.  I know, because we track the return on investment of every single job we do.  Our team of property stylist’s have qualifications in interior design for sure, however that is just part of what goes into making a successful property styling team.

Our property stylist’s will:

1) Individually assess your property

2) Consult with you & your agent to identify your target buyer

3) Select and prepare furniture, linen, art, accessories, lighting and more to elevate your property presentation

4) Take care to protect your property during install and removals

Property Stylist Advice

If you need to make improvements, repairs or even undertake a mini-makeover our Stylist’s can help.  Your Property Stylist will advise on where to focus your investment for the most reliable return on on investments and connect you with the supplier and tradies to make that happen, whether you are working on the inside or outside of your home.

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Preparing your home for sale can be challenging and stressful.  You need it to stand out in comparison to similar properties in the area and deliver a wow factor.  Your real estate agent and their photo and video production team can only do so much.  Ultimately it comes down to what you give them to work with.

Our styling team will help you ensure that the first impression is the best one your property can make.  Some of the strategies we use are:

  • Creating a cohesive theme between rooms and different areas of the house
  • Using spatial design principles to direct the layout of furniture to zone open plan living spaces and ensure their is sufficient negative space
  • Create single focal points for each room or area of the home
  • Using soft furnishings, art, lighting and decorative accessories to build a positive emotional connection
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