Are you wasting time looking for things around the home?

Overwhelmed by the stuff you’ve accumulated?

Do you just need a hand to declutter?

Organise your home with professional help from the Jim’s Interiors team.  We use the Marie Kondo method to help you sort clothes, books, personal papers, household goods and sentimental items.  We tackle each category to sort your beloningings, ensuring you only keep what sparks joy.  We will also work with you to then store each item and coach you to ensure the clutter doesn’t return.


Clutter and chaos can creep up on us all. Maybe you simply don’t have time to deal with it or you could be overwhelmed by it.

We put an organising guru in your corner for an hour, a day or a week, as long as it takes to help you sort through your ‘stuff’.

Everyone from a busy mum, to single professionals, downsizing retirees, families moving home, disorganised teens and those that need a little more help are welcome.


Reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in your home can build or help you regain a sense of calm and control.  You’ll be able to find things you thought lost, avoid wasteful spending, better use the space you have and feel unburdened when you organise your home.

You’ll also gain the skills to prevent clutter from rebounding into your life.

You might even experience The Magical Power of Tidying Up.

Professional Organiser

$ 75

HrProfessional Organiser Comes to You!

Assistance in home or at offsite storage

Category or room by room

Assisting you to Downsize

Deceased Estates

Before your Move or Sell your Home

We help you sort first, then store

Kon Mari Tidying

$ 330

SessionTrained Kon Mari Organising Consultant

Use the Kon Mari Method to Spark Joy

Working with individuals and families

Five, four hour sessions to tidy:




Kimono (Household Items)

Sentimental Items

Find the Magical Power of Tidying Up