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Covid-19 Update – Business As Unusual

So it is “business as unusual” for us.

We’re pretty good at juggling cushions so we reckon we juggle this too.  We have traded through the GFC, the property downturn of the last eighteen months and we will trade through this Covid-19 crisis as long as we are allowed to.  I am also confident (weirdly) that we can bounce back from any closures.

However (despite appearances) we aren’t being silly about it.  We have made changes to how we work to protect our staff, contractors and our clients too.

  • You may notice that our quoting will now be done remotely.
  • Our installs will take longer as we will disinfect everything before we leave.
  • We may need more notice to install at your property so that we can allow adequate time for disinfecting and cleaning of stock as it moves from one property to another.

Ultimately not everyone has the luxury of deciding when to sell and certainly with the number of people becoming unemployed and businesses closing, mortgage stress may become a reality for many Melbournians.

We are helping by:

  • Encouraging people to use and extending the availabilty of our Style Now Pay Later service
  • Temporarily extending our standard contract duration from 6 weeks to 8 weeks during this declared emergency period
  • Offering to simply pause your campaign at no cost for the same length of time that we may go into shutdown

If you have any queries or concerns call me on 9108 5700 or email hello@propertystylingmelbourne.com.au.

Best wishes from myself and the team.


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