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Home decor trends to watch in 2018

Results are in and the moody grey hues are out.

Forget magic mirrors and crystal balls, here’s what hot for the year ahead:

  1. Modern farmhouse

Rustic country styling is going urban, but rather than embracing the theme in its entirety, just one or two elements makes the farmhouse feel a little more refined. Look for warm wood details with white and gold tones, cement elements and vintage lighting.


  1. Texture and Tactility

Raw materials, metal and wood can naturally and organically add fantastic accents to modern interior design and decorating.

  1. Pink is still pretty

The pink hair trend is alive and well but so too remains our fondness for pink interiors. With cooler temperatures comes a cooler palette and dusty pink shades for a ‘powder-room’ feel are certainly romantic, feminine and very easy to live with.

  1. House plants

Greenhouse inspired interiors remain in demand. The most popular? Colorful, hard to kill plants with lush ornately patterned leaves. Planters and stands are also enjoying a creative resurgence.

  1. Mini-me sophisticate

Increasingly reflecting the style and décor choices of the parents, nurseries and children’s rooms are becoming less childlike and more in keeping with the style of the home. Create a special haven you’d like to spend time in – no matter your age.


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