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Property Styling Bentleigh East Living Room

Property Styling Supports Townhouse Property Developers achieve Higher Clearance Rates

Townhouse Developments are offering buyers more choice and a slightly easier access point into their suburb of preference.  This shift to Townhouse or Townhome development was discussed in a recent article after research was released from PRDNationwide that showed townhouse development approvals growing at a rate of 126% per year since 2011.

Dual occupancy townhouse development’s do have some more challenges, most often the need for a Planning Permit from Council in addition to the Building Permit.  However once this hurdle is overcome the dual occupancy townhouse development is becoming one of the most popular ways to capitalise on Melbourne land values.

In my own street alone there are eight dual occ developments right now, at various stages of completion, ranging from advertising for planning permits through to a current private sale campaign.

Property Styling Melbourne is a specialist in property styling for property developers, owner builders and building companies to complete their property development projects.  Our primary aims are to:

Reduce the stress of getting to the finish line

Reward our repeat and referral customers

Offer flexible access to our services by introducing Style Now Pay Later

In particular it is our Style Now Pay Later service that can take the sting out of the many final expenses it takes to get to the finishing line of a property development project.  You’ll often find that Property Styling Melbourne are going out of their way to help property developers and builders by organising other finishing touches that especially small to medium volumne builders could use the help with.  We can organise:

Curtains and Blinds


Final Project Cleans

Almost anything else you need a hand with

If you have a property development project underway, email us your floor plans: hello@propertystylingmelbourne.com.au or call us on 9108 5700 for an obligation free quote.  We are currently offering incentives for our many and often repeat Developer and Builder clients including:

  • Discount on packages
  • Longer duration styling packages
  • Ability to finance via Style Now Pay Later the finishing touches including the Final Clean, Landscaping and much more as well as the Property Styling.

Follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with our latest projects styling new property developments across Melbourne.

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