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Styling Your Home for Sale

Staging your home for sale with designer furniture and accessories are the finishing touch you need, after all of your own hard work, cleaning and preparing your property for sale.

Property Styling Melbourne’s hires all of this furniture along with a professional stylist to help execute the placement and arrangement to show your home off in its best light.

You may need to fill a vacant property or just need a few pieces in some rooms to help bring it all together.

With Property Styling Melbourne’s Interiors you can choose from:

  • Style Over
  • Partial Stage
  • Full Stage

Importantly Property Styling Melbourne’s also offers Overlays that help you target your prospective buyers better.

We work usually in conjunction with your agent to identify if your prospective buyer is likely to be a young professional couple, a family, a first home buyer, an investor. We can even break it into cultural subgroups to best target the demographic profile of your area.

These overlays will bring in furniture and accessories that are designed to specifically appeal to the culture, the lifestyle and the design sensibilities of that target buyer.

Green stock like indoor and outdoor plants, both live and quality faux plants, are a critical element of property styling. They replace the somewhat dated approach of popping a bunch of flowers in a vase for your home opens.  Having beautifully styled, healthy live or high quality faux indoor and outdoor potted plants throughout your home adds a sense of vitality, health and life to your home in a way that’s natural, not contrived.

That’s why Property Styling Melbourne’s supplies a gorgeous array of indoor and outdoor plants and pots, with most of their home styling packages.

However, if you are electing to stage your own home you could:

  • Borrow furniture, accessories, art work, rugs and linens from stylish friends and family
  • Hire furniture from a large commercial furniture hire company
  • Buy pieces that you would be planning to take to then new home
  • Buy pieces that you could resell with little margin loss

The last three have an obviously higher upfront outlay and are a bigger commitment.

This is especially the case with large furniture hire companies as you are often required to move out while their furnishings are in place. They tend to style only vacant properties.

Property Styling Melbourne’s instead offers an option that allows you to live in during the period your home is styled and staged.

Important considerations when staging and styling your home for sale:

  • The buyer’s expectations of similar properties in the area and their needs
  • The intended use of the room
  • The overall colour palette of the fixed elements of the home
  • The introduced colour palette of the furniture and finishes
  • The amount of natural and artificial light
  • The path of expected movement through the room
  • The focal point (either an architectural feature or one you create) of each room
  • The placement of the furniture to create balance or symmetry
  • The size and proportion of the items you place in the room and their relationship to each other
  • Creating lifestyle vignettes which indicate to the buyer how they would use the room, suggest a lifestyle of the area they may experience when the move in

Once you have considered these factors you need to select the furniture pieces and accessories to suit the staging.

This may be a process of working through your own items, borrowing, buying and hiring items.

If you are styling the home yourself you’ll need to ensure all the items are delivered in advance of your first home open and then allow yourself at least one to two days to style and stage your home.

Alternatively, a Property Styling Melbourne’s Property Stylist will recommend a theme, select items on your behalf and bring them to your home. They will then style and stage the home for you within a day. This includes hanging artworks and mirrors and making all the beds.

Once you’ve staged your home the professional photographer engaged by the Real Estate Agent will attend, either the same or the following day to photograph the home.

From here it’s all about maintaining the staged state of the home until your home opens start and during the sale process.

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