Property Styling Highett

Before Property Styling Highett

Property Styling Highett

An expansive outdoor entertaining area helped to distinguish this Highett apartment from the crowd.  Our Property Styling selections were drawn from our Global Luxe theme reflecting both the metallic exterior finishes of the apartment’s outdoor entertaining area and that almost 45% of the population in Highett are mature or establishing couples.

Appealing to this demographic was critical to the success of the property styling and real estate sales campaign.

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Before Property Styling Highett

Marketed by one of the best real estate agents in the emergent low commission model of real estate, David Cutler. The property achieved a sale price in April 2017 that has only just recently become the average sale price of 2 bed apartments in Highett.

If you have a similar apartment coming to the market soon it would be well worth giving David a call.  We have worked with David to style both older, unrenovated, entry level apartments and high end Million Dollar plus homes using the Purple Bricks real estate model.

Before Property Styling Highett

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