What is home staging?

The term home staging is interchangeable with property styling and generally speaking is the art of preparing a home for sale, with the aim of:

  • appealing to a huge number of buyers
  • selling a home swiftly and
  • selling for a great price

Home staging isn’t a new concept, but the value in having your home presented in the best possible light during the sales campaign is being recognized by real estate agents, buyers and vendors more and more.

It is always stressed that the first impression is the key factor in selling your home. In fact, Real Estate Agents say that potential buyers are forming an opinion on your property within 10 seconds of walking through the front door.

A professional home stager will work with the ‘flow’ of a home, eliminate clutter, add furniture, remove furniture, rearrange furniture, add soft furnishings and generally make the home more appealing and presentable.

Home staging consultation

A complimentary consultation with Jim’s Interior Design is a really great place to start if you know there is work to be done before listing your home for sale, but you’re unsure where to start and it all seems just a bit overwhelming.

A home staging consultation will give you advice on who your target market might be and walk through your house room by room with an action list in hand.

Jim’s Interior Design provide packages that include repairs and improvements, expertly styled designer furniture and accessories to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Book your complimentary consultation here.

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Home Staging

* Data has been gathered using local and international studies on the Home Staging Industry by the Institute of Home Staging.  

What are the benefits of home staging?

Jim’s Interior Design offer three incredible home staging packages, carefully selected by expert Melbourne stylists –

  1. Mod Oz is a modern take on furniture and furnishings. It appeals to family buyers and is open, light and welcoming in its presentation.
  2. Nordic Coastal is a fusion of current Scandinavian and Hampton design trends – natural and highly textural it suits a more sophisticated, fashion forward palette.
  3. Global luxe is all about understated elegance, a bit moody, a touch of the eclectic.

Read more about Jim’s Interior Design’s interiors packages – Mod Oz, Nordic Coastal and Global Luxe.

Jim’s Interior Design also offer a layby option so you can concentrate on saving your money for any other jobs you need to do to get your property ready to go to market.

Looking to sell your home for more? Don’t hesitate, talk to the experts at Jim’s Interior Design on 131 546 now.

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